Company Overview

A Translation Brand Name for More than Three Decades - Hong Yan Translation Agency

It has been 34 years since Hong Yan Translation Co., Ltd. was founded in 1980. The company head office was set up in Taipei's Da’an District, and in 1998 a branch office was established in Hsinchu, to provide for the translation needs of the Hsinchu Science Park. Hong Yan Translation employs local and overseas translators with professional expertise, and matches that with a proofreading review process, full communication with clients, and utilization of team services, so that the highest degree of accuracy in translation is achieved.

Our Insistence on Quality

Since its inception, Hong Yan Translation Agency has been steadfast in its use of a “double-blind proofreading” mechanism, to ensure that every piece of translation work is accurate and error free. What is meant by “double-blind proofreading” is that two translators work together to complete the translation work. After one translator completes translation, the work is reviewed by a different proofreader. While the “double-blind proofreading” mechanism is time consuming and labor intensive, we believe that only a different translator is able to detect any blind spots in the original translator's work.

Leading the Industry - the First Translation Agency to Earn the “Excellent Firm” Award.

At the turn of 2011, Hong Yan Translation Agency's efforts and contributions to the translation industry over the years were recognized when the agency led the industry to win the Department of Economic Development's “Excellent Firm” award. This is not only a positive affirmation of Hong Yan Translation Agency, but also the pride of the agency.

Government Accredited, Bona Fide Business Operations.

Under the leadership of its head, Mr. Liu Tian-xing, Hong Yan Translation Agency has adhered to the concept of honest business operations, and putting integrity above all else, serving every customer with discretion and circumspection. In the era of digital networks, Hong Yan insists on providing its services under the name of Hong Yan Translation Agency, never concealing its true name or business, as opposed to some unscrupulous networked shell companies, who advertise online under several different names. With head held high, we can tell our customers, "We are Hong Yan Translation Agency".

Connecting with the New Digital Era

Greeting the new digital era, Hong Yan has also moved forward with the times, from the agency's early days of paper-based translation, to the era of digital translation delivered via Internet e-mail, and today more than ever before, the new digital era is racing forward. Apart from receiving documents via e-mail, we also provide a number of other digital channels, such as: Skype, Line App, cloud uploads, mobile device search, QR code links and so forth.

Your Trustworthy Business Partner

Hong Yan Translation Agency provides a number of translation services. In addition to basic written translation, we also provide interpretation services for highly demanding scenarios, and written and oral translation services in various languages, such as: simultaneous interpretation, consecutive interpretation, temporary secretarial services and so on, and these are experiences that we have accumulated for more than 30 years. These experiences cannot be imitated or plagiarized, which is why many large corporations and government agencies are willing to have a working relationship with us.

Mr. Liu Tian-xing, head of Hong Yan Translation Agency has served a number of terms as executive director of the Translation and Attestation Association of Taipei. On account of having professional expertise, effectively running the company team, as well as having the support and respect of industry peers, he has now served many terms as executive director, and his own aspirations are to be able to provide a better service to the translation community.

Since 2005, Hong Yan has been one of the translation companies designated by the government to “create internal and external bilingual environment facilities translation” for various central government agencies, schools, state-owned enterprises and various local governments and their subordinate agencies. Due to this company's integrity and responsibility, and its ability to provide a high degree of cooperation, as well as enjoying an excellent reputation in the industry, government agencies which have worked with us long-term over many years, all give us their praise and added appreciation.

Bidding Case No.: LP5-100027

Contract Number: 11-LP5-8134

Service Procedure

"Sales Department" : receive case—make price estimation and determine due date - Client confirms to make translation, signs the invoice and makes deposit - "Translation Department": case sent to translator with related expertise for translation - "Proofread Department": translator completes the preliminary proofreading process - case sent to proofreader for secondary proofreading in order to double check on content, key terms, fluency and rhetoric - "Typesetting Department": case is set in types designated by client - case delivered (Hard Copy, E-mail, CD, etc).

Method of Payment

Hong Yan Translation Co., Ltd - Taipei Branch

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Hong Yan Translation Co., Ltd - Hsinchu Branch

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